NFL’s Rookies Boom, Bust or Mediocrity?


By: Elijah Silverman

Let’s take a look at how the NFL’s rookies are looking this year.

Trevor Lawrence: Trevor Lawrence has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. He has also thrown for a low amount of yards this year and his team is probably the worst in the league. Not only has he been nothing like his old self but we have never seen this type of play from him before. He has been honestly dreadful to watch and it probably isn’t going to get much better therefore I believe Trevor Lawrence has been a Bust this year. I do believe that in the end he will actually be a mediocre QB that has a chance at being a long term starter.

Justin Fields: Justin Fields has been a below average QB. He hasn’t played a lot but when he has it has been ok I guess. He has thrown more INTs than TDs but he has actually played better than some QBs and his legs have helped him a lot in tough situations. He has been a mediocre QB this season. In the future I see him staying where he is now, he won’t be much worse but he won’t be much better either. I actually believe he will be somewhat of the league’s next Teddy Bridgewater. 

Mac Jones: Mac Jones is on the best team in the AFC and he is unstoppable for now. He has been a shock to many and that is why he is a Boom this season. I do believe that in the future he will be the league’s average QB, maybe like Matt Ryan. 

Javonte Williams: Javonte Williams has been a very great player this season and I can’t wait to see him when he isn’t sharing the load with Melvin Gordon anymore. He will probably be a top 5 runner in the league and that is scary. I have him as a boom right now. In the future I see him as one of the best in the league very soon.

Devanta Smith: Devanta Smith has lived up to expectations. He has played very well and been everything people wanted him to be. Right now I would call him a boom right now and I think that he will be good for a long time.

Jaylan Waddle: Jaylen Waddle has been great but he is almost only using his speed and not actually being a Receiver. I really think he would be a better Cordarell Patterson type player. The thing is he has been a Boom but until we see his full potential he is just a huge wild card for me.

Najee Harris: Najee Harris has been a great player in the NFL and he looks like Derrick Henry. He has been the best athlete at his size we have seen Derrick Henry. I would call Najee Harris a big time Boom and I don’t think he will let up. I think he could be the best player in the league soon so get ready because Najee Harris will be a household name very soon.

Ja’Marr Chase: Ja’Marr Chase has been excellent this season and this isn’t even close to his potential. Many people were worried he might be rusty this year because he didn’t play College football last year because of Covid. He has therefore been a shock to many and he is Booming this season. I believe he will be the best receiver in the league one day and there is almost nothing that can stop him right now. I mean he works the hardest and on top of that he is a rookie so wait and see because he will be the best very soon.

Kyle Pitts: Kyle Pitts is a great player and has great potential but due to being on a bad team and not having the year we have expected he is going to fall under mediocrity for me. I believe that he will be great one day but until then he is nothing more than an above average tight end.