NFL Top 5 QBs this season


By Elijah Silverman and Vasili Basil

Which of the NFL’s quarterbacks stands a cut above the rest? Check out our top five QBs in the NFL this season and see for yourself!

5. Josh Allen: After an inconsistent start to the season, Josh Allen and the Bills are fighting with the New England Patriots for control over the AFC East. Through Week 12, Josh Allen’s 25 touchdowns and 3,071 passing yards have him in the MVP conversation, along with the others on this list. Two games against the Patriots and one against the Buccaneers will prove critical in determining the Bills’ playoff seed. Allen, along with his offensive weapons, will continue to have to play at a consistent level to be contenders in the AFC.

4. Aaron Rodgers: Skepticism was present at the beginning of the season, but that has all been erased by Aaron Rodgers’ outstanding play. Impressive wins against strong teams, such as the Los Angeles Rams, have the Green Bay Packers sitting in second place in the NFC playoff picture. With 23 touchdown passes since Week 12, Rodgers continues to lead the Packers at a high level. The Packers’ playoff seed will depend on Rodgers’ success, or lack thereof. 

3. Matthew Stafford: Matthew Stafford has had a great season this year, despite his inconsistency this season. This is not affecting his team’s record, as the good games have outweighed the bad. Stafford has played amazing games against top teams in the NFC, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Poor games against the Packers and others have knocked him down on this list from the first spot to the third. He has still had a great season, however. Through Week 12, we have seen him throw 27 touchdowns, and this number will continue to increase as the regular season comes to a close. Due to his inconsistency, it is difficult to predict whether Stafford will rise or fall on our quarterback rankings. We’ll just have to watch more Rams football to find out!

2. Patrick Mahomes: Patrick Mahomes has had a great career , along with a revived 2021 season. Mahomes had a poor start to the season, throwing ten interceptions in his first eight games. He has since turned it around. This season, Mahomes has thrown for 25 touchdowns through twelve weeks. Like Stafford, this number will continue to climb. Mahomes’ great recovery has his Chiefs in line for another playoff berth. Mahomes’ improvement supports his case for the second spot on this list. At the end of the season, expect Mahomes to have the first spot. He has already undergone his slump, and one should doubt he will have another one this season.

1. Tom Brady: Without a doubt, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. This season adds to the amazing career Brady has achieved in the NFL. His play, as well as his team, have been excellent this season. Tom is an MVP-favorite; in turn, the Buccaneers are clear contenders for Super Bowl LVI. Not only has Brady thrown for 30 touchdowns in 12 weeks, he will end this season with around 45. At the end of the year, Brady will still be a quarterback on this list. He does not seem like he is going to stop any season soon!