NFL Preview

Source: CBS Sports

By Elijah Silverman

Buffalo Bills: this is a team with a very good offense and a great defense. The Bills have the top five QB in the league this year in Josh Allen and a top 5 receiver in the league Stefon Diggs. These two make a very lethal weapon. The player that I would watch on the Bills’ offense this year however is receiver Gabe Davis. Davis is amazing and he really shined in week one against the Super Bowl Champ LA Rams. Davis recorded a touchdown and 88 yards receiving in week one. I believe Davis is possibly going to benefit from the team’s double-teaming Diggs. On defense, the Bills look better than ever with players like Von Miller, Jordan Poyer, and Tre White this defense can be the best in the league. All in all this team in my prediction will be the first team to ever bring a ring to Buffalo. 

Atlanta Falcons: this team is in a very weird spot. Their rookie QB Desmond Ridder will be on the bench watching journeymen Marcus Mariota under center and the thing is Mariota looks great. Mariota has lit a fire under a dead offense and easily looked like a top-running Quarterback in the league. Watch out for a surprise wild card birth from this team.

Denver Broncos: surprise this team isn’t good. I believe that the Broncos’ loss wasn’t a fluke. This loss might be a sign of a very bad team. Russell Wilson didn’t look good last year in Seattle and he doesn’t look good now in Denver. Maybe because he still doesn’t have what he really needs an o-line. The Broncos are all around bad their QB is washed their receiving core is average and their tight end is below average. The defense is ok but gives up to many big plays and the coach well he isn’t great either. All in all this team has the potential of maybe 8-9 and no way to get a playoff berth. 

Philadelphia Eagles: are looking special. I believe they could have a future MVP Jalen Hurts. They have one of the best receivers in the league AJ Brown and a very good o-line. The defense is getting better and all around this team plays really well. Hurts can run and throw. His running back Miles Sanders got way better and all in all the team is scary good. Maybe NFC champs are good? 

These are probably the four most interesting teams in the league after watching week 1. The Eagles because they are looking surprisingly great, the Broncos for the opposite reason because they look bad, the Falcons because they are a sleeper, and the Bills because they are Super Bowl favorites.