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    Written by Amanda Ojeda and Colleen Meosky

    As we move further into the school year, East is able to offer more club opportunities. There are now 35 active clubs at East. So, there are plenty of ways for students to get involved with something they’re interested in. Some of the clubs that are now reopening are:

    The Seneca with Mrs. Fey-Daly

    The Seneca is a discussion-based club that is focused on learning about human rights violations pertaining to girls and women around the world. Anyone is welcome, and we think members of Girl Up and Political Forum would especially enjoy this club. The Seneca centers around discussions, but its members are always welcome to participate in Girl Up projects.

    Depiction of the Seneca Falls Convention that happened in July 1848 right here in Western New York. It was the first convention held for women’s rights in America. 

    Photo: Bettmann/Contributor via Getty Images

    Latin Club with Mrs. Milks

    Salvete omnes! (Hello, everyone!) Latin club is a club that revolves around celebrating and learning more about Greco-Roman culture. They are having their first meeting on the Ides of March (March 15th). You don’t have to be a Latin student to join. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Greek and Roman mythology, customs, and holidays in a fun and laid-back environment. 

    PHOTO: Willian West/Unsplash

    Political Forum with Dr. Redmond

    Political Forum is a welcoming, bipartisan space for students to voice their opinions about current political issues in a respectful manner. The club meets biweekly to discuss a topic chosen by the students.  The club had their first meeting March 4th, and has their first discussion based meeting on the $15 minimum wage, March 18th,3 pm. Feel free to join and participate in the conversation, or observe, depending on whatever you feel comfortable with.

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    SADD(Students Against Destructive Decisions) with Mrs. Bailey

    SADD is having their first meeting of the year to introduce their “Letters to the Seniors” campaign! All East students are invited to take part. The club’s upcoming meeting is March 16th at 2:50. 

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    Drama Club with Mrs. LoVullo

    Drama club is designed to cover various parts of theater including, stage direction, set design, make-up and costumes, and performing. There will be an informational meeting for the Drama Club Musical Showcase Wednesday, March 10, at 11:30 am. If you have an interest in theater, this would be a great club for you to become involved in!

    LINK Crew

    If you’d like to welcome new students to East this summer, sign up for LINK Crew! LINK Crew members help run orientations for students and help them feel comfortable with the new environment. You will also check in with the students you’ve helped throughout the year, including the midterm brunch in the commons. Click here for the application form

    East has even more opportunities to become involved, so we encourage you to try a new club and bring a friend along! 


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