NBA Free Agency 2020

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By Ali Gokcek

This year’s free agency has been absolutely crazy. So many players switched teams. So many teams made very good signings and this is basically going to be a summary of the major deals that happened this past free agency period. 

The biggest deal that happened was Anthony Davis resigning with the Lakers for the next five years for $190 million. This deal basically guarantees that the Lakers will be in Finals contention for the next several years. The Lakers also extended Lebron James’ contract with a 2 year $85 million deal. That deal basically puts Lebron and AD on the same timeline in that both of their contracts will end at the same time, and both can decide together whether they want to continue with the Lakers or leave for another team.

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The second biggest free agency signing was Montrezl Harrel signing with the Lakers for a 2 year $19 million deal. The reigning 6th man of the year basically switched teams in Staples Center. Although Harrel isn’t the most talented player that landed a contract this free agency, him signing with the Lakers takes a huge hit on the Clippers (his former team) and gives additional power to the champs. 

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The three deals which I believe to be tied for third place in the standings for the best free agency signings are Christian Wood signing with the Rockets (3 yr. $41 mil.), Bogdan Bogdonovic singing with the Hawks (4 yr. $72 mil), and Danilo Gallinari signing with the Hawks (3 yr. $61.5 mil.). Christian Wood signing with the Rockets is a big deal because it shows that the Rockets gave up on playing small ball. It is also significant because Wood is a really athletic 

young player who played very well with the Pistons last year. The Hawks signing Bogdanovic and Gallinari is significant because both players are very talented shooters who would stretch the floor for Trae Young, John Collins, and Clint Capela. However, the interesting part about Gallinari’s deal is that apparently the Hawks and Gallinari agreed that he would play as backup to John Collins. The reason this is interesting is because why would a team pay a player 20+ millions dollars only to play back? It might show that the Hawks are thinking about getting rid of Collins who hasn’t paired with Young well so far. 

Source: Clutch Points

Source: Clutch Points


The three deals which I believe to be tied for fourth place in the standings for the best free agency signings are Brandon Ingram resigning with the Pelicans (5 yr. $158 mil.), Fred Vanvleet resigning with the Raptors (4 yr. $85 mil.), and Davis Bertans resigning with the Wizards (5 yr. $80 mil.). The one common aspect of every single one of these players is that they bet on themselves to become great players and they cashed out. Vanvleet, an undrafted player, showed up and showed out big time for the Raptors before and after Kawhi Leanord left. He was a major part of the championship run 2 years ago and their playoff run this past year. Brandon Ingram was originally offered a low extension contract when he first arrived in New Orleans, but he declined- betting on himself that he could get more money. That bet paid off as he had an incredible season averaging 23.8 ppg last season. Davis Bertans, a very underrated sharpshooter, played very well for the Wizards last season, averaging 15.4 ppg, and the Wizards rewarded him.

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Some honorable mentions include Jerami Grant signing with the Pistons (3 yr $60 mil.), Serge Ibaka signing with the Clippers (2 r $19 mil.), Demarcus Cousins signing with the Rockets (1 yr), and Carmelo Anthony resigning with the Blazers (1 yr). Personally, I am very happy for Jerami Grant since I have been following his progression since his days with the Thunder, and he has progressed very well and finally has cashed out. Serge Ibaka gives the Clippers a guy who can stretch the floor and a replacement for Montrezl Harrel. The Demarcus Cousins signing is very exciting because he partners up with John Wall (teammates in Kentucky) and James Harden. Also he may finally be able to get back to the way he was playing with the Pelicans a couple of seasons ago. Melo resigning with the Blazers allows him to continue his career and a chance, even though it may be small, for him to try to win a championship. 


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