NBA Draft: Who Is Going #1?



By Mucteba Gokcek

The NBA draft is coming up fast on Wednesday, November 18th. We don’t know what to expect as there is no clear cut #1 pick for the first time in years. It could be the hyped up Lamelo Ball, the big James Wiseman, or the athletic Anthony Edwards. The Minnesota Timberwolves have a lot of talent to choose from, especially considering the fact that none of these players seem like seamless fits into their roster. So they can only hope to pick out the most talented player from Wiseman, Edwards, and Ball. 

Out of all three of these players, however, Lamelo has the most upside because of his exceptional court vision and passing skills, with a jumper all over the place. On the other hand Ball has had significant defensive commitment problems and hasn’t played in college against the players he will be drafted with. Instead he went to play in a Lithuanian pro basketball league. Another upside to Lamelo’s game is that due to his height (6’7) he can play at nearly any position – another positive for the Timberwolves who really don’t know where they can use their draft pick. 

The next possible first pick is Anthony Edwards. A raw shooting guard standing at 6’5 has attracted lots of attention. His ceiling is very high if he can form a consistent jump shot. It is widely regarded that Edwards was not used to his potential at Georgia, and considering his very solid playing form, that would mean he can turn into a very good player. If the Timberwolves do decide, however, that they would rather choose Lamelo Ball, Edwards would probably have a better chance at developing his game with the Warriors (2nd pick) and the Hornets (3rd pick) because the Warriors are home to the Splash Brothers, and MJ may decide to come down from the owners box to take Edwards to the next level.

Last but definitely not least is James Wiseman. Wiseman is a very athletic, shot blocking, physical center. If he can develop his shooting he may be able to turn into the best player in the NBA draft. He has a lot of talent, however, the Timberwolves would most likely not take him with the first pick because of the fact that they already have a phenomenal big in Karl-Anthony Towns. 

Therefore, my prediction is that the number one pick in the NBA draft will be Lamelo Ball. 


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