Model United Nations

Henry Chen and Harman Brar listen intently during the 2012 University of Buffalo conference.

Model U.N. is a club in which students are assigned a particular country and then have to advocate that country’s opinions about certain issues. By joining Model U.N., you get to learn a lot about other countries and their current issues, how the U.N. works, how to effectively debate and hone your public speaking skills, and have lots of fun at conferences where you get to meet students from all over the area. When asked why he got interested in the club, club advisor Dr. Redmond said, “I have an interest in international affairs. Always have.” This club challenges you to argue different beliefs, values, and opinions that differ from the ones you are raised with. The club has three conferences; one at Canisius College and another hosted hosted by the International Institute of Buffalo at the University at Buffalo in the spring.

This year, the Canisius Conference will be held on November ??, with 29 Williamsville East students attending to represent the United States, Britain, Cyprus, and several other countries in committees that will deal with various topics ranging from human rights to economic issues.

If you have any interest, join and take the next step into becoming more aware about issues facing your world.