Life Hacks for the Second Semester


By Gabe Guo

The holidays have passed, and midterms are over. Soon, the snow will melt, and spring, then summer, will come. It is important to keep focus as the weather inevitably gets warmer (just wait for it, it will), for the second semester is just as, if not more, important than the first semester. The second semester is the time of AP and Regents exams, which many of our school’s courses are designed around. Over many years of attending school, upperclassmen have accumulated great wisdom regarding academic success. Likewise, our teachers have vast reserves of wisdom and experience as a result of dedicating their lives to the betterment of the public intellect. So, here are pro tips from both teachers and students on how to succeed in the second semester!

Daniel Krieger, our very own managing editor, says, “My piece of advice would be to not let yourself fall into the trap of not putting as much effort into your work as you typically would. I find that especially during the third marking period, my grades drop a little bit, because I’m tired and don’t want to work as hard as I usually do. So, I would recommend stopping yourself from doing that, because each marking period is equally important”. Indeed, it is important to keep a sustained, continuous effort throughout the year. After all, learning is a full-time job, and knowledge never stops.

Mrs. LoVullo, an English teacher, agrees. “You’re halfway there! My best advice to you is to relish in the fact that you’ve made it this far, but not to lose perspective. Halfway there means you still have halfway to go. Try to stay focused as much as possible because the end goal is in sight. Keep up on assignments and budget your time wisely,” she encourages students to do.

Mrs. Lanzone, another English teacher and our club advisor, reminds students, “The second semester can sometimes feel like a long haul to the finish line. Stay on top of your work and keep a positive attitude. Remember who you are as a student and strive to finish your year with that same mindset you had going into it in the first place. Seniors, everything above definitely applies to you, however, I do have one piece of advice that you should take above all else: just keep coming to school! It is so easy to let the senioritis take over once you get into the college of your choice, but remember to stay focused and stay true to who you have always been as a student in these last few months before graduation.” For clarification, senioritis is a public health crisis that commonly occurs in the late winter months for adolescents aged seventeen to eighteen. If you or anybody you know suffers from senioritis, please consult a guidance counselor, teacher, or other trusted adult.

Mr. Harnick, on the other hand, provides advice on student-teacher relationships. “As it gets closer to exams, many teachers become more intense.  They may react differently to a situation in May than they did in October,” Mr. Harnick advises. As he reminds us, it is very important to be aware of the feelings of your teachers.

Calvin Lee, a junior and writer for our Business and Finance section, echoes a similar sentiment. “Come to school on time. Punctuality is very important. Take the feelings of your first period teachers into consideration.” In other words, don’t be late.

And of course, it is important to maintain a good work ethic. Max Dai, a junior, avid swim team member, and one of our Science and Technology writers, says, “Time management is very important. Procrastination is bad.”

Overall, the second semester is a very important time of year. We hope that the advice in this article helps you conquer the second semester like a boss (or very good student, at least)!


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