Lakers’ Struggles

Source:NBA Analysis Network

By Ali Gokcek

The Lakers have had a very weak start to the season with several embarrassing defeats, with some games culminating into blowouts. They have lost far too many games that, by most measures, they should have won. If they are to hold onto their playoff dreams, the Lakers will need to change up their performances and moves. So, why are the Lakers playing this way? Well, there are two reasons. Firstly, Lebron James has been out with injuries for multiple games. Secondly, the Lakers’ group is almost completely composed of new players. 

Lebron James has been dealing with an abdominal strain since November 2,causing him to sit out for over two weeks. The majority of the Lakers’ losses have come during this stretch. When a player who is averaging over 24 points and 7 assists on top of being considered one of the greatest to ever play is taken out of the lineup so suddenly, a team is expected to struggle. However, with so many strong veterans and all-star caliber players, the Lakers were expected to play better than what fans are seeing. In a roster with Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, DeAndre Jordan, and a very solid rotation, the Lakers are expected to be a solid team regardless of whether Lebron or Anthony Davis are playing. The Lakers are fully expected to make a return to being an elite team in the West when Lebron and Davis are fully back and healthy. For a team with such high potential, it would be unfortunate for a season of Westbrook and Lebron to go to waste.