Keeping the WE Flames Going with Winter Sports

Source: Wikimedia

By Sarah Brunskill


The winter season is coming in fast! Take a step back from the Zoom-infested computers and play a sport. Let’s DIVE in. 

You can sign up for Boys Swimming, Alpine Skiing, and Boys/Girls Bowling! Try a new sport; you might really like it. 

Varsity Boys Swimming tryouts begin January 19 at 6:30 at Transit Middle School. 

“What kind of stroke can you use on toast?       BUTTER-fly!” (Treasure, 2013)

Do you like skiing? The Williamsville School District offers a Varsity Alpine Ski/Race Team! For the ski team you need to be an intermediate to advanced skier level. If you are, go for it. Tryouts are on Tuesday, January 19 at 4pm at Maple East Elementary. To find more information about the ski team check it out on the wits page. 

“Why are mountains so funny?                              Because they’re hill areas” (Fischer, 2020)

Join the Williamsville East bowling team! You can make new friends! The tryouts for Varsity Girls and Boys Bowling are January 18th at 1:00 pm at Transit Lanes. 

“After hours of waiting for the bowling alley to open…      we finally got the ball rolling” (2021)

Again, take a break from the computers and have your parents register you through their WITS account:

  1. Go to the “athletics” tab
  2. Go to “sports sign-up”
  3. Go to “+ Add”: complete the sports sign-up information for your athlete i.e. athletic agreement, emergency contact information, health history review, etc.
  4. Follow the directions for next steps and/or completion of missing information specific to your child as indicated in WITS.
  5. Click “submit”.

Please see the note from the district: only parents may complete the sports sign-up for their athlete through their parent WITS account. Students may not do so and do not have access via WITS. We are transitioning to an electronic sports sign-up process for all student athletes; paper verification will no longer be an option after the spring. If you do not have a WITS account as a parent, please call 626-8058 to set up an account.


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