Home Depot responds to coronavirus


Home Depot announced its plan to deal with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, as sales have not slowed for them with the recent news.

Many families have started doing do-it-yourself home improvement projects while they are quarantined at home. People from across the country have started noticing the cracks and leaks in their houses and started repairing them. 

Home Depot plans to stop crowding at their stores by increasing delivery options and giving workers additional time off. Home Depot has also announced new safety measures which include adjusting store hours to close at 6 pm and increased sanitization of their stores. The opening hours of Home Depot will not be changed.

Home Depot has officially stated that they are for both physical and social distancing and are trying their best to limit the number of customers they have at a given time within the store. However, not all things are looking swell, as workers have quit and their stock prices have plummeted. 

Home Depot seems to be on the path to make it out of the COVID-19 crisis alive; however, it will not maintain the utmost superiority it had over its competition. COVID-19 may serve as the great equalizer of hardware stores, as people have gone to places such as Harbor Freight Tools and Lowe’s for their cheaper prices and larger stock.