Henry Ruggs’ Fall From Glory


By Elijah Silverman 

Henry Ruggs has definitely been one of the most promising young prospects in modern day football. He has the speed to be a running back or receiver, he has the arm strength of an emergency QB and he is one of the best return men in the game. Now Henry Ruggs is facing up to 46 years in state prison. This is a very sad thing to see especially because Henry Ruggs was definitely one of the league’s best prospects ever. 

Henry Ruggs was out golfing Early Tuesday morning, he was drinking a lot and he was hanging out with his girlfriend. Then Henry Ruggs made the bad decision that no one should ever make. He hopped in his car while being drunk. Henry Ruggs ended up hitting someone and killing them that morning while driving 156 mph and hitting them with 127mph of impact. He hit a 23 year old woman named Tina Tintor. Her car set on fire and she burned alive in the car along with her three year old Golden Retriever. When the police arrived they quickly realized that a victim was killed and that star receiver Henry Ruggs was the person who was driving the car that killed the victim. Henry Ruggs made a huge mistake that night, something that know one should ever do which is drive under the influence. Now he is facing up to 46 years in a state prison.

Henry Ruggs was on pace for one thousand yard. He was on his way to being the leading receiver for the Raiders. He had 469 yards already this year and last year in total he only had 452 yards and that was through a full season. Ruggs made a huge improvement over the summer. He saw his role increase as a result of what he was able to do this offseason and his QB Derek Carr was very supportive of Ruggs improvement. 

The ironic thing about Ruggs is that he dedicated his career to his best friend who died in a car crash. You would think and hope someone would not make a mistake like Henry Ruggs, especially after his own friend died in a car crash. As if a DUI resulting in death wasn’t enough he also had a loaded gun in his car. He will be charged with a misdemeanor for that and will get more felony charges that include another DUI because his girlfriend got seriously injured in this crash as well. She isn’t charging him but the state is. In the end of all these additional charges to the DUI resulting in death he now faces 46 years. 

Henry Ruggs might not be able to ever play football again. The only thing that could potentially keep him out of jail is his lawyers have made a case based on the fact that the firefighters didn’t try to put out the fire. This fire was burning Tina Tutor (the person Ruggs’ killed) alive. If this has an impact on the case Henry might only get a DUI which wouldn’t end his career. If charged with a DUI he might get probation and never step foot in a prison. 


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