Hallmark Holiday Season In Full Swing

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Written by Colleen Meosky

While it’s subject to many eyerolls, Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas 2020 is here and thriving. As a self-professed “hallmarkie,” I encourage everyone to give it a shot. 

New Movies

There is an exciting collection of premiering movies for the holiday season. Here are the three I’m looking forward to the most:

Christmas at the Plaza

Starring one of my favorite actors on the channel Ryan Paevy(Nick) alongside Elizabeth Henstridge(Jessica), this movie was the first I added to my watch list. Jessica is hired by The Plaza Hotel to encapsulate the history of the hotel’s Christmases over the years. Jessica has to work with the decorator who happens to be Nick. This sounds like a great option to watch a classic Christmas in New York type movie.

Jingle Bell Bride

I feel like this title is misleading because the main characters are not getting married. Jessica is a wedding planner, and her boss sends her on an emergency trip to Alaska to find this rare flower for an important client’s wedding. She loves how sweet the town is and their Christmas traditions. While there, Jessica befriends Matt, a local helping her find her way around. 

The Christmas House

It’s time for the Mitchell family to decorate their house for the holidays, and they are famous for having the best display in town. Sons Mike and Brandon return home to help out. They soon learn why their parents are especially keen on having them home this year. They will be selling the house, and it will be their final Christmas in their childhood home. Meanwhile, Mike meets his highschool girlfriend Andi again, and Brandon brings his husband Jake while they are in the process of adopting their first child together. This seems like Hallmark’s star movie of the year, and it’s their first holiday movie with a gay couple. 

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Old Classics

In my house, TV watching time slots are in high demand for the month of December. However, time is always made to watch these classic Hallmark movies.

Write Before Christmas

Torrey DeVito(Jessica) and Buffalo’s own Chad Michael Murray(Luke) are a golden combination. Jessica sends cards out to the five people who have positively influenced her life the most. Through it, she meets Lucas and they hit off while volunteering at an orphanage together. However, miscommunication causes confusion, but with some help, Jessica and Luke learn the truth.

Photo credit: Hallmark Channel

12 Dates of Christmas

Kate and her boyfriend are just broken up, but she’s trying to make it work. She’s being set up with Miles and messed up their date by being late. When Christmas magic interferes, Kate wakes up on Christmas Eve morning twelve times, giving her the chance she needs to turn her life around. Watch to see epic character growth and the intriguing love story of Kate and Miles.

A Princess for Christmas

Jules Daly raises her niece and nephew in Buffalo. It’s been a year since her sister and brother-in-law died in a car crash. Jules is trying to make it a happy Christmas season, but it seems nothing can go right. As the holiday nears, a man named Paisley Winterbottom pays a visit to their home. He claims to be the butler of the children’s paternal grandfather and invites them to spend Christmas overseas at Castlebury Hall. While the kids are enthusiastic, Jules is aware of how her brother-in-law’s family shunned him for marrying a commoner, her sister. After resisting at first, Jules decides they need a break and decides to take a chance. Jules soon meets the other son Ashton. Her cheerfulness restores energy to the castle and the family once more.

I hope you try these feel-good movies and enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season.