By Meghana Avasarala

The Gay-Straight Alliance, commonly known as the GSA is a club that strives to create an accepting atmosphere in our School for students regardless of their sexual orientation or gender expression. Despite not being able to meet in person for any meetings, the GSA is creating safety for students at East through Zoom meetings every other Thursday.

Valentine’s Gay Movie Night:

On Thursday, February 11th, the GSA club at Williamsville East held a lovely Valentine’s Gay movie night where they hosted an excellent menagerie of numerous LGBTQ+ films, and afterward had a very insightful and productive discussion on LGBTQ+ representation in these films. This year, instead of watching an entire movie, the GSA watched several short films recommended by the Seatle Film Festival

Gayme Pride:

On Thursday, March 18th, the GSA met again to discuss the representation of LGBTQ+ characters in video games. One of the Games discussed was Animal Crossing. One of the characters named Flick refers to his romantic partner CJ as a partner instead of using the term ‘girlfriend or ‘boyfriend’

Covid Precautions:

Due to the pandemic the GSA has yet to meet in person but has done several activities over Zoom such as the Secular Snow Person activity. Mrs.Lanzone looks forward to arranging meetings in school for the hybrid students to join.

Students part of the GSA do not have to fear being outed to their families! The GSA is a safe and friendly space where students, out or not can enjoy the company of other LGBTQ+ students. Mrs.Lanzone focuses on the safety and comfort of the members of the GSA.


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