Google Releases New Contact Lens


Picture11By: Sarah Wie

Google has been producing countless services and goods, from Google Glasses (does anyone actually use those?) to Google+ and Google Play, most of which were not very useful. Perhaps Google should just stick to its trusty search engine. Google has recently obtained a patent for a solar-powered contact lens, capable of gathering biological data about the user and exchanging information with other computer sources.

The contact lens is able to measure the user’s internal body temperature and boy-alcohol content and can also detect information about the user’s environment, such as potential allergens. Photodetectors and solar cells on the contact lens itself can be used to collect solar energy to constantly fuel the device in an eco-friendly way. This new patent alleges the ability to scan barcodes or price tags, so you can practically become your own cashier.

This contact lens can also authenticate the original wearer, safeguarding against theft. With these potentially useful purposes of the Google contact lens (although many of which we can do without), perhaps consumers will actually use this product; that is, if it’s affordable.



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