February Break: 10 Ways to Spend Time in Quarantine


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By Carmen Lee-Bennett

Many people used the time in early quarantine for improving themselves physically and mentally, but as quarantine goes on and we are getting closer to a normal life again, people are getting more work and less time for themselves. However, with February Break coming up, there is time for us to rebuild ourselves again and really take the chance to relax. 

Here are some ideas of ways to spend February Break:

  1. Spending time with family and friends

Spending time with someone you love always puts you in a better mood. Online school has been stressful for a lot of people, but spending time with family and friends can help you destress and have time to have fun and relax.

  1. Be productive

Being productive in February break is a great way to get things done. Even cleaning your room for a day over the break will be so rewarding, and after it’s finished, you’ll be glad you’ve done it. You won’t feel bad that you haven’t done anything. Also, in the break, if you do something you’ve been putting off, it will feel so much better, and once it’s done, you’ll feel so relieved that you finally did it.

  1. Doing something you enjoy

Whether it’s doing sports, a jigsaw, or baking a cake during February break, you have time to do it! Don’t feel guilty about not spending all of your time studying or going to the gym. Spend your time doing something you enjoy and have some “you time”. Even after just a day of spending time to just focus on yourself, you will feel so much better.

  1. Take a break

One of the best things about February break is that you are able to just have a break from everything, even having a break from social media. Even having just an hour or two away from social media can sometimes be relaxing, and having a break from looking at school work can also help reduce stress.

  1. Read a book or listen to music

Reading a book or listening to music is a great way to spend some of your time in February break. They can take you into a fantasy world, and even if you aren’t a frequent reader, try reading a book–you might like it! Listening to music is great because there are so many different genres that you can listen to.

  1. Start watching a new Netflix series

Finding a good series to watch is always a nice feeling, and there is so much time for you to just relax, put the show on, and watch it without having things on your mind that you need to do.

  1. Keep up with your everyday routine

Even though it seems hard, keeping up with your daily routine in February break can be very rewarding. For example, if you spend all of February break waking up at 2 PM and going to bed at 2 AM, your life will be a lot harder after it. Also, keeping up with your daily routine will make you a lot more productive in the break as well!

  1. Try something new

Whether it’s a new sport or something you’d like to try, now’s the time to figure out if you like it and maybe want to do it again. Most people complain that they don’t have enough time to try new things out, but now you do!

  1. Create a plan for yourself after the break

One of the hardest things with school online is time management–we end up staying late doing homework because we get caught up with other things earlier in the day. But over February break, you have time to plan your days which will make doing work seem a lot easier. Having a to-do list would really help for this.

  1.  Spend time outside

Whether it’s walking your dog or going outside on your own, spending time outside will make you appreciate the real world again. With online school, we end up staying in our houses the entire day and barely get time to go outside and just breathe some fresh air. 


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