FBLA Friday Fundraisers



By Ananya Nrusimha

On every Friday during the month of November, FBLA will be conducting a variety of fundraisers to benefit the American Red Cross.  During the month, students can help FBLA raise money by signing up for the college search assistant Zinch at zinch.com/fbla.  There will also be a loose change jar at the cafeteria during the second and third week of November.  Be sure to donate any spare coins you have to support this noble cause!  A chocolate bingo game will also be hosted at the business office after school on Wednesday, November 26th.   Admission is two dollars, and  bingo winners will receive fabulous chocolatey prizes!

The American Red Cross is a volunteer organization that works to help disaster-stricken people and make sure that communities are well equipped to deal with disasters.  It provides support to both domestic and international disaster-stricken areas as well as military families.  It is the largest blood collection organization in the country, providing around 8 million transfusions to patients at around 2700 hospitals across the country.  The Red Cross also provides a variety of health and safety courses to millions of Americans every year.

Stay tuned for more information on the fundraisers!



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