East’s New Alma Mater


Williamsville East has an alma mater? Yes, apparently we do. Our OP-ED editor Maureen Meosky, a “senior”, has been chosen to write new music for the Alma Mater. She wrote the whole song last April, but is currently arranging the song for a whole band and chorale.
Meosky has had previous success with composing having had her composition “Apathy” featured at NYSSMA All-State Honors Young Composers Concert in December of her sophomore year, which she composed during her freshman year. Aside from her success at composing, Meosky has been part of many East ensemble’s. She was Concert Band Secretary and now holds the position of Concert Band President. Meosky is also a member of chorale. She also is a self-proclaimed “Stage Crew Enthusiast.” Her love for music is clear as she has taught herself how to play the guitar, ukulele, and piano. Meosky is also the lead french horn of Concert Band. She has been studying composition with Doctor Shewan for three years and has written numerous compositions. Meosky thanks her mentor Doctor Shewan for helping her achieve her potential as a songwriter and musician.
When asked what this opportunity means to her, Meosky said, “It’s been great writing this song knowing that it’ll be something I created for East that’ll stick around.” She added, “It does NOT (all caps) sound that much like a certain Les Mis song. The notion in itself is ridiculous.”
The composition was hard to write due to the lyrics and “lack of intuitive musical structure.” Luckily enough, Meosky has idols such as Alan Silvestri (Polar Express, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, etc.), the Sherman brothers (Mary Poppins, The Aristocats, etc.), Alan Menken (Hercules, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, etc.), and Randy Newman (You’ve Got a Friend In Me) to inspire her. Looking at her idols’ accomplishments, it is no wonder Meosky wants a retirement job working as a composer for Disney. Meosky also wishes to further her music career in college by being part of an a cappella group “Pitch- Perfect style.”
As well as working on the Alma Mater, Meosky is composing a song to be submitted to the Poetry, Music, Art, and Dance Festival (PMAD) that will be taking place in April. The Alma Mater will be debuted at the graduation ceremony for the class of 2018.


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