East to Add Cooking Course in 2027-2028

Image: DavidDewing

By Aarav Sapra

The Williamsville Central School District Board of Education recently reported that they will be adding a cuisine course in the 2027-2028 school year. This course will be considered an art course, fulfilling the art credit graduation requirement. However, due to the renovations for the implementation of walls occurring this upcoming summer, this course will be delayed to the 2027-2028 school year. A kitchen will be opened after the renovations and a new classroom will be set up for this course. However, most current students at East will have graduated by then, so unfortunately, most of us will miss out on this new course and opportunity. 

Minor details have been publicized about this course, including a five Michelin star chef from Los Angeles, California, who has been hired to teach this class. This class will prepare foods from various cultures, such as French cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Italian cuisine, Greek cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Lebanese cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Thai cuisine, Indian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, and American cuisine. This course teaches you how to cook and lets you learn about other cultures and their different foods while also getting one day of the week reserved for eating food. “Tasting Thursday” will be a day where students can taste and eat as much food as they want, for the entire class period. The chef from Los Angeles, who is making this possible, recently talked about how excited he was about this job and how he hopes to instill some passion for cooking in his future students. He also announced that he plans to enroll his students in a New York State culinary competition each year so they can work together, compete, and make a beautiful, well-prepared dish. The student with the best dish at East will continue progressing and competing against other schools.

Adding this course to East High School’s curriculum may spark a new interest in many students or further a passion for students who love cooking. It is unfortunate, though, that this course will not be available in the 2024-2025 school year due to renovations. However, current students with siblings in middle or elementary school can inform them about this new course and help them prepare for the inauguration of the New York State culinary competition in the 2027-2028 school year. This course will be very different and unique, and it will be a fun course for those who want free food every Thursday!