Deadly Flash Flood in Utah


Picture6By: Nicole Kazmerzack

On September 14th, one of the worst floods in Utah’s history took place, amounting to at least 20 fatalities so far. Almost instantly, innocent lives were swept away by the rigorous mudslides and floodwaters.

Seven people set out to hike in Zion National Park that day, despite the warnings that flash floods were probable in the area. The park rangers warned that they would be better off not going, but since at the time there was not yet an official warning from the National Weather Service, it was legal for them to go on the trek. Sadly, all seven would be swept away as the canyon they were hiking in swelled with water.

Several vehicles were also washed away by the rapidly moving floodwaters, all filled with families whose lives were taken as well. The flood has shaken up the community as it has changed and stole the lives of many. Almost instantly, lives were transformed as the powerful flood swept victims away.

There will be a memorial open to the public for the people whose lives were taken so suddenly.



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