Class of 2024 Student Council Plans Activities


    by Angelina Hu

    [ This article compliments a news brief on the same topic. ]

    This year, academics have been vastly impacted by the ongoing pandemic, and despite challenges, the freshman class representatives are hard at work in organizing events such as the talent show. The student council is overseen by Ms. Constanzo and Mrs. Yermas, and consists of the following members: Danielle Guo as President, Alex Kwon as Vice President, Tulesi Suresh as Secretary, and Bella Ascone as Treasurer.

    Danielle has said on the behalf of the council that, “We’ve made a bunch of social media accounts to get the word out… We have started to work on our merchandise… and started to plan our fundraiser for next month as well, and I mean, I think that’s it except for our upcoming talent show.” They have already been quite productive despite the limitations of COVID-19, and in addition, there was also a logo design contest hosted at the end of January. The winners are Danielle Guo and Zoey Griffin’s designs. Both appear on the goods sold in the Class of 2024 merchandise store. The link has been made available in a WITSMail, and any orders placed will be delivered after spring break.

    The major event as of right now for the Class is the talent show. In regards to why the student council chose to host one, Danielle said, “We decided to make it an event for the freshman class because we just thought it would be fun for people to be able to show off their talents.” Submissions were due on March 12th, and all of the entries that went in will be strung together into a showcase and uploaded onto Youtube. It is currently unknown as to when this final product will be released. In the meantime, you can check out the Faculty Talent Show from spring of 2020 through the link below!

    The student council has been working hard to provide for the Class of 2024, and there’s more to be excited about in the not-so-distant future, too. A Panera Fundraiser night will be held on Tuesday, March 23rd, from four to eight, according to Mrs. Yermas. An email will soon be sent out with details.

    Please keep supporting our class representatives and look forward to the upcoming events!

    Last year’s Faculty Talent Show (Quarantainment 2020)


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