Saturday, May 18, 2024

Varsity Girls’ Tennis

by Ananya Murthy and Caroline Wang The Williamsville East varsity tennis team finished its 2014 season two weeks ago, coming in second place in Division...

Who Says Fire Can’t Burn Underwater?

The girls swim team, led by Coach Doerfler and Coach Miller, ended a strong season on Tuesday, October 14th.  The team only had two...

FBLA Fall District Meeting at East

On Thursday, October 16, Williamsville East hosted over 70 students and advisers from across Western New York for the Future Business Leaders of America...

Special Report: 9th Grade Elections

Check out our exclusive report on this year's record-breaking freshmen elections!

Class of 2018 Goes to the Polls

by Ananya Nrusimha This year’s class of 2018 elections had 27 candidates running for office; the largest number of candidates East has ever seen. These...

I’m Good Enough

Have you ever felt that moment when you feel like you are not good enough? Or when your works and achievements seem so small...

Hang Up and Drive

Jacy Good is a young woman who was living an ordinary life before a tragic accident occurred. The accident made her unable to move...

East’s Quality Music Wing

Jaeyoon Cha, a former student of this school, sent in this article from her new home in Texas, talking about the significant difference that...

Homecoming: Gym vs. Commons

While the month of September begins with the one thing most students dread, going back to school, there’s still one event the majority of...

The History of Class Rank

Class rank at East has been a hotly debated topic for many years and is surrounded by controversy. The East Side Newspaper staff has...

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