Friday, January 28, 2022

The Injustice of the Wage Gap By: Anne Marie Jones

Say that both of your parents are lawyers.  If you were to compare their incomes, your father’s would be more.  Not because he necessarily...

East Needs a New Policy for Concussions

By: Editorial Board Students constantly receive injuries throughout the school year, and our school is very lenient in allowing students to feel comfortable in the...

An Exchange Student’s Impressions

By: Maria Kronenberg dos Santos My name is Marina Kronemberger dos Santos; I am from a city called Petropolis in Brazil, and I can not...

Competition taking away from education

By: Steph Wetzel, Caroline Schnabel, Nicole Kazmierczak, Kasey Vangelov, Madison Irene It’s that time of year where National Honor Society WITS Mails were sent out...

All Quiet on Set (Commentary)

Commentary By: Andy Pleasants When the average everyday hearing person hears the word “deaf”, what’s the first few things that pop in their minds? Disability, a...

Commentary: Islamophobia

by Andrew Searns Fundamentalists from any culture pose problems to society. Christian fundamentalists, Hebrew fundamentalists, and Islamic fundamentalists alike cause problems with the natural order...

Commentary: Trying To Make the DREAM Act Come True

By Mirabel Reid Imagine that you are a teenager living in the southern United States. You speak English fluently and have lived in your hometown...

Commentary: Animals Shouldn’t Be Serving as the “Guinea Pig”

By: Kelsey Martin 2014 has been a fantastic year for the cosmetic industry.  With sales reaching as high as 12.7 billion dollars, the industry has...

Dress Code Discrimination of Girls in Public Schools

By Sajani Clerk When I got dressed for school this morning, I felt confident. My outfit was flattering and it made me feel good. But...

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