Annual Ice Cream Social Kicks Off Another Year


0D63E65A-3E28-4917-929FD3D8918171B8By: Ani Nrusimha

This year’s Ice Cream Social was a massive success!  Members of all four classes gathered outside to enjoy the delicious event, which was hosted by the Student Council. The event started directly after school on Friday, September 11th.  This year displayed a more streamlined system with more lines to dispense ice cream (but still the same gigantic crowds).  Toppings included M&Ms, sprinkles, and whipped cream.

For the freshman who are new to the school, the student council who ran this event are as follows.  They are incredibly helpful people who you can always ask for help!

The President is Trisha Pickelhaupt, who also happens to be a member of the Newspaper club. The Vice President is Brian Morreale, the Secretary Laura Zu, and the Treasurer is Alanna Kramer.  They run multiple events throughout the year, including this and the Valentine’s day flowers event.  Don’t worry if you missed out.  There’s always next year!



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