Williamsville East’s Lady Flames Tennis Team Is on Fire!


By Aamna Soniwala

The Lady Flames have had an incredible season so far, undefeated with a 6-0 record, 5-0 each match.

Dave Monkarsh has been coaching the women’s team for three years. When he is putting together his top seven lineup, he looks for not only skill level but also commitment and determination.

Freshman Kareena Cheruvu is playing first singles this year. Monkarsh says, “Kareena has very good hand-eye coordination, which helps her take the ball on the raise. Also, she has a great knowledge of the game. This allows her to anticipate her opponents’ shots before they hit them.”

When asked about having an undefeated season, he says, “That’s hard to answer. I hope to have an undefeated season, but you never know what might happen.”

This year’s captains are seniors Shikha Shelat and Caroline Geiger. Shelat and Geiger have been on the team since freshman year, and have looked forward to becoming captains since.

Shelat comments, “My favorite part of the team is definitely the friends you make and all the memories.”

Geiger agrees. “It’s like a big family,” she says.

Kyriakitsa Scime is a sophomore. It is only her first year playing for the school team, but she has already secured her spot as a first doubles player, undefeated in all of her matches.

“I’ve played in many tournaments against people from all over New York State. Playing high school tennis is definitely different since you’re on a team,” she says, “but it means a lot for me to play and represent Will East.”

Let’s hope for an undefeated season, ladies! Go Flames!