Varsity Flag Football This Spring

A senior playing flag football at the PowderPuff game. Photo by Sarah Brunskill

By Sarah Brunskill

Spring sports season is right around the corner, so get ready because girls football is gearing up for their first season at Williamsville East. After talking to Mr. Suchyna about the season, he confirmed that there definitely will be a team this year.

Last year was section VI’s pilot season for flag football and So well, in fact, that a bunch more schools, including our very own Williamsville East, is now adding flag football to their varsity sports. Something even more exciting is that in 2024 there will be a state championship, so ladies (next year) let’s go win a state championship. Last year Sweet Home took a Division II championship for flag football, but with Williamsville East in the game next year there’s a lot more competition.

Now that we know that there is definitely going to be a season here are a couple things you need to know.

For those of you who play a spring sport, don’t get discouraged because you can play more than one sport in the spring. If you talk to both of your coaches and they agree that their practice times and games don’t conflict, then go ahead and sign up for both. Students from other schools have done two spring sports (one being football) last year.

As of right now, there will be cuts. According to Mr. Suchyna, “This is to ensure that when students sign up for football, they don’t assume they are automatically on the team.” When the season gets closer the coach will be able to provide more information for whether or not there actually will be cuts. If you like football and you think you want to try out, go for it. I’m sure you will be a catch!

The team is playing on our football field here at East. For games, the size of the field will be a little smaller than the field the football team plays on in the fall. This field is only 80 yards instead of 120 yards. This season is also flag football which means the flags will be the same ones that are used for powder puff. Finally, the games will be played 7v7.

So, ladies, go pick up a football and start practicing, because our brand-new flag football season is just around the corner.