University of Idaho Students Violently Murdered in Fatal Stabbings

Source: Fox 13 Seattle

By Armita Rohani

Four University of Idaho students were brutally stabbed to death multiple times in Moscow after an innocent night out on November 13th. The killer attacked between 4am to 4:25am while the victims were sleeping, wearing black clothes and a mask, telling one that “It’s okay, I’m going to help you.” 911 was called nearly 12 hours later, on the account of the victim “not waking up.” Autopsies that were conducted, revealing that no sexual assault was present and the students died quickly from their wounds. Bryan Kohberger has been identified as the prime suspect of the killings after evidence found at the crime scene matched perfectly with his DNA. He now appears in court and faces charges for four counts of first degree murder. The grieving families gathered at the university on November 30th for a candlelight vigil, and classes resumed for the first time since Kohberger’s arrest on January 11th.