Newsflash: The War on Ukraine is Still Happening

Source: New York Times

By Armita Rohani

Even if it no longer is the center of media attention, the war between Ukraine and Russia is still happening as it draws towards its one year anniversary. More than 42,295 people have died since February 2022, there have been 54,132 casualties, over 15,000 people are missing, 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced, 140,000 buildings have been destroyed, and over $350 billion worth of property damage has ensued.

Russia has launched over 120 missiles, its most massive attack since the war began. Ukrainian forces were able to intercept 54 of 69 cruise missiles, as well as Iranian-made Shahed ones. The Ukrainian defense made a statement on twitter: “Russian terrorists dream that Ukrainians will celebrate the new year in the darkness and in the cold. But they cannot defeat the Ukrainian people.” The Ukrainian foreign minister also added that the strikes are “senseless barbarism,” and that these attacks have been unjustified and only Russia wasting more resources towards this war. However, these attacks did pull a toll on the Ukrainian people. Thousands lost power as electricity grids have been turned off to limit damage and shortages. 40% of Kiev and 90% of Lviv are currently without electricity.

According to Ukraine’s intelligence chief, the outcome of the war has already been shown: “The war is at a stalemate… neither side has gotten any gains.” Russian forces are supposedly at a “dead end” as winter weather and heavy losses prevented them from making any advancements. Ukrainian troops cannot progress from lack of resources, especially weapon supply. Despite there being no clear winner to the war, nor a foreseeable end, this war has proven something true–as President Zelensky stated in an address to the world, the war has “strengthened European unity,” and “no one in the West is afraid and will ever be afraid of Russia.”