Entrepreneurship Businesses are Back!

The logos of the businesses Sweet Surprise and The Munch Box.

By Armita Rohani

East’s Entrepreneurship class is back at it again, creating two non-profit businesses that will support charities based on student purchases.

The Munch Box: During period 2, you can buy the munch box, a box that contains many delectable snacks for only $6, or two for just $10! Treats such as Doritos, Milky Ways, Starbursts, Skittles and Capri Suns are in every box, and all proceeds from the sales will go to Buffalo’s Hearts for the Homeless. You can buy boxes online, through their website, or at the Common’s Cafe, cash only. Give the gift of food to one of your friends, or enjoy it yourself, while supporting a noteworthy cause.

Sweet Surprise: During period 5, you can buy several sweets from $2 to $10. You can buy a chocolate chip or sugar cookie, coffee or hot chocolate with a raffle for a Valentine’s Day basket, and a mystery box, with a chance to win a $15 target gift card! All profits will go towards helping disabled American veterans. You can buy online by filling out an order form, or directly at the Common’s Cafe.

You can use your purchase as an “Individual Action” for your government class. Please tell them that you are, however, so that they can give you your letter. The businesses will operate until February 15, so make sure you buy one and support the Entrepreneurship classes and charities as soon as you can!