East’s Fall Favorites

East students voted on their favorite reasons for the fall season.

By Colleen Meosky

With football games, chill in the air, late sunrises, the end of the first quarter approaching, and the cinnamon smell in Wegmans, it’s safe to say fall is well underway. That and we are over a month past the autumn equinox. To get a taste for how the East community likes the season of turning leaves, the East Side News surveyed students and faculty to learn their opinions of all things fall!
Starbucks is either beloved or infamous for its pumpkin spice latte, depending on who you ask. This controversy is strong here at East, split 50.8% to 49.2% with subjects slightly more against the pumpkin spice flavor than for it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like pumpkin spice fans are in danger of their lattes being discontinued. They’re more at risk of long lines, as Starbucks reportedly sells over 20 million of them every year.

The Halloween spirit seems fairly solid this year with most respondents planning on some night festivities. However, some poor senior souls will be fighting monstrous application deadlines, racing to submit some on November 1st. Best of luck to you all. Unfortunately, 36.1% report that they have a test on November 1st, adding to the pile of reasons for late bedtimes on Halloween.

It looks like East will be prioritizing treats over tricks this Halloween, with about 67% voting for the former. However, there was much less consensus regarding what type of treats respondents like best – they chose fifteen different candies! Twix held the most with 21.3% of votes, with Reese’s not far behind.

As for the best Halloween movie, the most popular responses were It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Halloweentown. Other favorites included Hocus Pocus and its sequel, Scream, and It. It’s not surprising that Stephen King’s film was one of the top responses when one sees that watching a horror movie was selected as the favorite seasonal activity of those surveyed. Carving pumpkins and apple picking came in second and third respectively.

Sweater weather is a clear fan favorite of the season as East prepares for the incoming chill. While we head into November, it’s time to pack away the tank tops and jorts – we’re looking at you, boys soccer.