College Football’s Best Teams

College Football Playoff. Source: Official Athletics Website

By Elijah Silverman

College Football is one of those sports that can be very exciting or boring. I believe that it is a totally different sport than what the pros play. Anything can happen in college. The rankings are unpredictable and fun to follow. One loss is a season ending and so much more. In my opinion, the committee has these rankings completely wrong. Here are what I think are the top 5 teams in the country.

5. LSU. This team is just so good and they deserve a top 5 spot. I mean, if you take a deep dive into LSU’s big win over Alabama, they looked scary. Their QB Jayden Daniels actually played so well that he was able to single-handedly take down the scary Alabama Crimson Tide. In addition, the LSU Tigers as a whole just have such a dominant offense that when they want to score, you can’t stop them. Your only game plan is to outscore them.

4. Tennessee. They just looked very bad against Georgia, but I am not worried about this team; like LSU, they have a dominant offense, in addition to an easy schedule for the rest of the year. If they could only make some plays on defense, then the truth is that they would be number 1, but defense does win championships.

3. Ohio State: They are an amazing team but they sometimes go cold. I like some of the players, but they just don’t mesh; the talent is there, but the chemistry isn’t. I mean, the defense is inconsistent and the offense never seems on the same page. Stroud is always making throwing errors and the ball never ends up in the correct player’s hands, but this team is still very good because they just have so much talent.

2. Michigan. They’re a special team. They don’t have a five-star recruit running back on their team, yet the running game there is just so hard to stop. On top of that, their defense is championship-worthy. As much as it pains me to say, Michigan is better than Ohio State again. At almost every position Ohio State has the better player, but Michigan has a group of guys that can come together and play better football. They make less mistakes and they don’t make huge plays, but rather clutch plays. They make the ones that count and they get clutch stops on defense as well. Ohio State would have to play perfect to beat Michigan, and that’s not going to happen this year.

1. Georgia. They’re just too good for any of these teams. Their defense is the best in the country and their offense can do its job very well. The real separation between Michigan and Georgia is the simple fact that Georgia can score on Michigan if they ever were to play, and Michigan would never be able to score on Georgia. This season really goes to show defense wins championships. No one is going to stop this team this year.