Saturday, December 4, 2021

China’s Campaign Against Entertainment

In recent months, China has been enacting progressively stricter regulations in the fields of entertainment and education. On August 31st, all minors under 18 were prohibited from playing mental and physical growth of children. Growing rates of near-sightedness and concern for poor academic performance in favor of games are cited as the main causes of concern.

Vaccine Mandates

Across the nation, various states and local authorities have instituted vaccine mandates for workers to combat the spread of COVID-19. Other governments have taken the opposite approach and have completely banned vaccine mandates. Proponents of the mandates argue that they are done to protect the health and safety of the community while opponents claim that they are oppressive. Needless to say, these new rules have been extremely controversial.

Election 2021: What Happened?

On Tuesday, voters headed to the polls nationwide to determine their next governors, state legislatures, and local officials. Last night, Virginia and New Jersey held their gubernatorial elections in the first real test for Democrats nationwide. Tens of hundreds of localities, including right here in Erie Country, held high-profile mayoral elections and legislative races. Here's the deep dive.

Nobel Prize in Economics Awarded to 3 American Scientists

In mid-October, the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics recipients were announced to be Professors David Card (UC Berkeley), Joshua Angrist (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Guido Imbens (Stanford). Their 1:1:2 split of an over-one-million-US-dollar prize is their reward for their pioneering work of “natural experiments” in economic sciences. 

U.S elections- What are Democrats and Republicans looking for next month?

As we near almost a year since 2020’s wild presidential election and speed towards an ever approaching midterm season, the gubernatorial elections that take place in-between these two gargantuan years can sometimes be overlooked.

The Pandora Papers: Financial Secrets of the World’s Elite Exposed

Millions of recently leaked documents, collectively known as The Pandora Papers, have uncovered the financial secrets of the world’s rich and powerful.

Global Container Shortage Hampers Global and Local Food Chains

As Southern California struggles with the labor crisis, more specifically, the port worker shortage, the rest of the country and industries are feeling the effects.

Murder, Persecution, and Other Inhumane Acts: Brazil´s President Bolsonaro Faces New Legal Hurdles

In a scathing 286 page filing about deforestation in the Amazon, Austrian not-for-profit environmental group AllRise is accusing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro of “crimes against humanity” to the International Criminal Court. 

S.E.C. Releases Long Awaited GameStop Report

In January, GameStop’s share price dramatically increased as a result of investors on the forum WallStreetBets. Panic ensued, and there were calls for more regulation as retail investors demanded to be given back access to the market after Robinhood stopped trading the stock temporarily.

Through the Looking Glass – Facebook’s New Smart Glasses

In May of 2014, Google released its cutting-edge smart glasses-- capable of recording audio and video from the user’s perspective, as well as connecting to the internet - in the form of what we now know as a dismal marketing failure: Google Glass.

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