Saturday, December 4, 2021

Facebook Oversight Ruling

After the January 6th riot, the social media company Facebook made the decision to suspend then-President Donald Trump’s Facebook account until at least January 20 - the end of Trump’s term. The decision, along with Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Trump, has drawn ire and concerns from many. Republican lawmakers have been especially vocal about Trump’s bans from social media. In order to reach a permanent decision on whether or not to keep Trump suspended has been left up to Facebook’s Oversight Board.

April’s Job Catastophe

These last few months have been rough for the economy. We saw that with 701,000 jobs being lost back in March, which got revised...

Buffalo’s Brutal Blizzard

By Leena Sen While we enjoyed four back-to-back snow days here in Williamsville, South Buffalo faced the worst of the storm, while some areas of...

Hurricane Dorian Sweeps Through the Bahamas

by Dan Purizhansky During the first week of September, Hurricane Dorian swept through the Bahamas and devastated the country. The Category 5 hurricane has so...

Scientists Dig Deeper into Antarctica

When looking at most world records, they seem remarkably unbeatable. However, scientists in Antarctica have just set a new record as to the deepest...

Palin Running for Office?

By Harleen Kaur Elections may not seem to be coming anytime soon for the citizens of the United States, but candidates have already begun working...

Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict

Tigray refugees arrive at the banks of the Tekeze River that lies on the Sudan-Ethiopia border, on Wednesday December 2nd. Photo taken by Nariman El-Mofty.

What Happens to Sochi Now?

The closing ceremony ended the Sochi games with a burst of fireworks casting a glowing light over the worldly Olympic village. At night, the...

Jeb Bush and Scott Walker Rivalry in Iowa

By Alex Marinidies Prospective Republican nominee Jeb Bush is facing trouble in Iowa. That trouble is not former president George W. Bush (Jeb’s brother). It’s...

Ebola Outbreak

The Center for Disease Control has issued a Level 1 alert only three times during its entire history: in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,...

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