Latest Issue for the Schools newspaper that features an article about the early starting times by Simon Li and Jonah Ruddock
Source: Iman Ahsan

By Iman Ahsan

Newspapers are not only there to inform people but to give everyone a voice and the liberty to express their views and ideas. Here at Williamsville East, students who are passionate about writing and reporting the news are welcome to join the Newspaper Club. Students in the club meet every Wednesday after school in Room 214 to discuss and write articles to be featured in the school’s newspaper. The club is a great way to bond with other students as well as to stay informed about current events. 

In regards to what students do in this club, English teacher and club advisor Mr. Huber said, “Students are really choosing what topics they want to write about. We have all the categories of a normal newspaper, so it’s not just East news. There’s national news, international news, and a bunch of other sections like sci-tech columns, sports, entertainment, and commentaries. With the free range to pick any topic of their interest, and their job is to come up with those topics or get the ideas at the meeting, and research and write, or they can draw a comic or make a video. They can show up anytime they want, and we’re here every week in Room 214 on the second floor. It’s really student driven, so they can come anytime they want.