The Bonfire S1 E4: featuring the Student Council


On this episode of the Bonfire, Philip talks to the four newly elected student council members (Mr. Patrick Frank, Mr. Daniel Purizhansky, Ms. Gemma Petrulla, Mr. Yusuf Hashmi) about their campaigns, experiences, motives, and ideas for the coming school year.

Director: Leonardo Yana-Romero
Producer: Gabe Guo
Executive Producer: Mr. Huber
Special Guest: Daniel Purizhansky
Special Guest: Patrick Frank
Special Guest: Yusuf Hashmi
Special Guest: Gemma Petrulla
Interviewer / Lead Host: Philip Baillargeon
Co-host: Gabe Guo
Co-host: Daniel Purizhansky
Staff: James Liu
Editor: Leonardo Yana-Romero
Film Consultant: Mr. Belling


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