Newspaper Club: When You’re Here, You’re Family

By Elise Yu

An array of bagels and newspaper issues

East’s Newspaper Club is a combination of discussion, collaboration, and bagel consumption. Held every Wednesday in computer lab 204, Newspaper Club meetings are regularly attended by at least twenty members. Issues are published biweekly and cover a wide range of sections, including East, national, international, sci-tech, business, and sports.

Even though the spread of COVID-19 has forced the school to close, the East Side News is still publishing online at! If you want, email Mr. Huber through WITS or contact one of the writers or editors.

According to co-adviser Mr. Huber, students who want to join the club should just “come to a meeting…any time during the year.” Maintaining a very laid-back and welcoming environment, Newspaper meetings are centers for discussion among students with varying interests and opinions. Maler Suresh, editor of the international section of the newspaper, said, “I was scared to first join [Newspaper] because I didn’t feel educated enough about politics and stuff. But when you’re there, there are so many different categories to talk about that you’re bound to know about something.” Suresh continued by saying how researching information to write articles has contributed to her learning more about issues affecting our lives.

Students can discuss presidential candidates, share their opinions on the latest Sabres game, and plan out the layout of the next Coffeehouse, all while eating from an assortment of bagels (with butter and cream cheese) that are provided by class of 2021 advisers Mrs. Wagar and Mr. Hurley. Editors help brainstorm article ideas, as advisers Mrs. Lanzone and Mr. Huber spend time with members to catch up on recent events. While talking about her experience as a member of Newspaper, managing editor Nikitha Kamath says, “Although I became a part of the club for writing, I am grateful to be able to meet a number of interesting people regularly and listen to unique perspectives they have to offer on current issues.” Further emphasizing that her involvement in Newspaper helped her improve her communication skills and time management, Kamath says that Newspaper is a club she highly recommends. 

Newspaper Club also had its Coffeehouse in the Commons on March thirteenth from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The event featured a theme of Asian cuisine and was an open mic for all interested students.

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