“Carpe Diem,” Says Latin Club

By Bryan Turton

Latin Club meets once every month in room 207

Note: Due to the closure of Williamsville schools, any dates mentioned are postponed.

Latin club is a club constructed by Mrs. Milks that anybody can join, literally anybody, but students also get added upon joining Latin. The club turnout consists of fun activities themed off of the Roman/Greek culture in ancient times. The incentives are Roman food delectables provided by the club at their meetings. About 24 Students are passionate about Latin club and voluntarily come to the club meetings each week. 

Latin club meets once a month, with a different theme each month of the year. The most recent meeting on February 13th, 2020, was themed after the death of Julius Caesar, the club is making Caesar salads for the club meeting theme. Each Meeting is from about 3:00-4:00pm. The students also do activities to recreate major events that happened in roman culture. Latin club officer Will Davolli says “ It’s a really enjoyable place to come together have a party and eat food” 

Mrs. Milks likes to keep her students well fed, with a variety of food such as salads, pizzas, snack foods, and of course her famous lollipops. One of the highlights of Latin club is, it feels like there is an unlimited supply of Mrs. Milk’s lollipops. “The Candy Creek Candy company is based in California, and they’re organic.” Mrs. Milks buys these suckers in bulk for her students in her class room and for those in Latin Club. The next meeting will take place March 19th, and the theme will be Saturnalia. The theme last month was Roman Valentines.

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