Harry Styles’s Fine Line: an album review

by Emma Kelsall and Tayo Adenekan

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Former One Direction member and singer-songwriter, Harry Styles, has released his second solo album, Fine Line. The Cheshire-raised lad continues his successful career with this pop-rock album, which is also described as having folk, funk, soul, psychedelic rock and indie pop elements. Shortly after its release, Styles broke the record for the biggest sales debut from an English male artist in the US. 

In our opinion, some of Styles’ best songs on the album include Golden, Sunflower, Vol.6 and Adore You

Golden is a soft and sweet indie-pop style ballad with psychedelic rock undertones. It describes the honeymoon phase of Styles’ relationship through lines such as “Lovin’ you’s the antidote” emphasising the overwhelming feeling of the early stages of love.

Sunflower, Vol. 6 represents Styles’ last stage of grieving from a past relationship. Despite the depressing subject, this song has an upbeat melody, as Styles looks back on fond memories of his relationship. 

Adore You is perhaps the most famous song on this album, after it was released early as a single. This song details the passion Styles has for his significant other through an upbeat pop melody. Styles uses many motifs throughout this song, namely, “walk through fire for you” which may connote to the heat of his passion. 

Fine Line was well-received by critics and was even featured at number 23 of Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums of 2019. 

We both highly recommend this album for its thoughtful lyrics and fun melodies and rate it 4.5/5.

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