Cast of Clue Landed a Lot of Laughs

By Jaiha Lee

This past Friday and Saturday, November 2nd and 3rd, the auditorium was filled with enthusiastic students, parents, and audience members all eager to watch this year’s fall play, Clue. Based on the well-known board game that goes by the same name, the comedy tells the story of a miscellaneous group of characters who, after being blackmailed, all gather at the home of the mysterious Mr. Boddy.

After he’s murdered, the guests try to figure out who killed their host, even as they are all suspects. Although the subject matter of death tends to paint a dark and dreary picture, hilarity ensues as the characters get caught up in the horrors of the murder and witty banter with one another.

One of the most notable performances of the night was by Noah Kotzin who played Wadsworth. His cool, collective composure and impeccable accent made him the perfect butler who seemingly had control of almost every situation.

In addition, the shrill voice of Mrs. Peacock, played by O. Fiona Pratt-MacDonald, and her devotion to her religion gave the play just the touch of fanaticism it needed.

Brennan Mawhinney’s Colonel Mustard, who stole the show during his dance sequence with the dead body, drove the audience into laughter with his ineptitude, and Jonathan Powell, especially with his sneezes, portrayed a very convincing jittery character that was Mr. Green.

Miss Scarlet, the alluring seductress portrayed by Kaitlyn Unkrich, showcased her skills when rattling off the number of bullets that left the gun, and Emma Unkrich flawlessly played Mrs. White, the cunning widow who managed to provide a humorous explanation for how each of her husbands mysteriously disappeared.

Other notable performances include Yvette, the French maid, the two audience members who broke the fourth wall, and the girl who ran through the auditorium screaming her head off.

But none of this could have been possible without the guidance of Mrs. LoVullo, who took charge and directed this masterpiece, the hard work of stage crew, and the rest of the cast.

Everyone who contributed to the play dedicated their time and effort in creating the best experience an audience could witness.


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