Tech Club Gearing Up for Tech Wars

Tech Club Gearing Up for Tech Wars
By: Johnny Orfandis
Do you want to see drone racing, vex robotics, CO2 cars, 3D-modeling, and problem solving competitions? If you do, you are in luck! Williamsville east will be going to an inter-district robotics competition, called Tech Wars, along with middle and high schools throughout Williamsville on March 27th, 2018. Advised by Mr. Capozzi and Mr. Delillis, the Tech Club have been working on projects and robots to get ready for the big day. The Tech Club is a great opportunity to learn about “a variety of components from woodworking to robotics and design,” said Tech Club advisor Mr. Capozzi. “The Tech Club was started based on student interest in their woodworking and robotics skills”.
The Tech Club meets once or twice a month in the lab to work on projects ranging from various robotics activities to building canoes. The Tech Club started building a canoe last year after seeing a canoe that Mr. Capozzi made, and that sparked their interest to build one themselves. Last year, the Tech Club competed in Tech Wars at ECC South campus, and it included activities of bridge building, t-shirt design, problem solving, and the escape room. The escape room activity starts with putting students in a room to solve engineering and problem solving questions to escape. “A large portion of the curriculum is based on problem solving activities that utilize a variety of skills that range from robotics to woodworking” said Mr. Capozzi when asked about the activities in Tech Club.
Another Tech Club advisor is Mr.Delillis, a computer and automotive technology teacher, talked about his view on what he loves best about tech club. “Competition is best, to see students hard work, time, effort, and teamwork on projects. The Tech Club is a great opportunity to challenge yourself in engineering, woodworking, and problem solving, and if you want to participate in any of these activities, go talk to one of the advisors and you are on your way!

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