Meet the Editors

By: Steph Wetzelpicture2

The majority of our editors are seniors and have been writing for the paper since their freshmen year. Without them, the paper wouldn’t be published as often as it is, the articles wouldn’t be edited, and there wouldn’t be as much yelling at our meetings. These are our editors and everything they have accomplished in Newspaper Club all throughout high school.

Leena Sen- Leena is currently our Managing Editor and has written for the paper since her freshmen year. She was the editor of International last year. She formats our paper in Publisher and helps edit the articles.

Kasey Vangelov- Kasey is currently our Business Manager. She helped out with the feature articles last year. She is also in charge of posting updates on our social media and the money we make at events such as the Coffee House.

Trish Pickelhaupt- Trish is our photographer for the paper and has been since her freshmen year. She takes photos when needed and also edits them in Photoshop.

Ani Nrushima- Ani is our Web Designer. He takes care of any polls that are taken for our articles and everything that goes onto our website.

Nicole Kazmierczak- Nicole is currently our feature editor. She helped out with the feature articles last year as well. She writes about any major issue or event that has to do with East.

Arya Pindiprolu- Arya is our East News editor. She edits all of the articles that are about East and writes some herself. All of the articles about homecoming, the fall play, class rank, etcetera are edited if not written by her.

Jenna Marcus- Jenna is the editor for National News. She writes and edits articles about anything that goes on in the United States (yes, especially the election). Jenna has also been a part of the paper since her freshmen year.

Gillian Marcus- Gillian writes for and edits our Entertainment section. She has the pleasure of editing articles on new Fall TV shows or on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce.

Eisa Hashmi- Eisa is the editor of our new section, Science and Tech. He writes and edits articles that could range from phones exploding to giant pandas no longer being endangered.

William Zhang- Will edits and writes for our sports section. Will edits articles that have to do with college football, the NFL, or East sports.

Garrett Speller-Garrett provides us with food at just about every meeting. He also edits our International section, but his main job is to bring us food.

Harleen Kaur- Harleen writes all of our editorials. Whenever there’s a major event taking place, and the staff can agree on one side, Harleen writes an opinion piece using the one side the staff agreed on. Harleen has also written for the paper since her freshmen year.

Then there’s me. I’m the Editor-in-Chief. I edit articles, write articles that haven’t been written, and help plan the Coffee Houses. I was the editor for the feature section last year and have written for the paper since my freshmen year. I’m very sad this is my last year writing for the paper. If any of these positions sound fun, I would encourage considering taking one of these positions next year. The majority of our editors are seniors, which means The East Side News will be looking for new staff members.


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