I’m Good Enough

Have you ever felt that moment when you feel like you are not good enough? Or when your works and achievements seem so small compared to others? Or when you’re the one who’s just not special, unneeded, insignificant and so useless? Have you ever felt intimidated by someone who you see as a rival, someone who you think is far better than you and is more likely the least to screw up? Or have you felt afraid because of your own incapability and shortcomings? Well, have you?

You’ll wonder, that amongst almost 8 billion people in the world, what would the probability be that you’ll be picked or hand chosen for something note-worthy. Maybe it’s a one in a million chance, but it’s a risk that you are willing to take. It’s in the small spark of hope where you strengthen your resolve that keeps your gears working and your heart wrenching for something inexplicable. This makes you strive to work harder, but of course, there’s this little voice whispering: “Stop. You’re not good enough. You’ll just embarrass yourself.” Then you’ll have two choice staring in front of you: either accept those venomous words of let-down, or take a stand to prove them wrong and try to show your worthiness amidst the insecurities flooding your chest.
Standing up against those voices doesn’t only mean telling yourself all over again that you are worth it, but that you can also do so much better than the norms. It also does not solely center on throwing back their words at their feet or shooting down their assumptions with a loaded gun of encouragement. No. It’s all about doing things to help you win your confidence back and to make sure you’re standing firmly with your spirit intact to achieve the impossible–because confidence is your ace in proving your worth.

However, we are now faced with the dreaded question – how can we be confident with insecurities in our mindset? Confidence in oneself is fortified through appreciation, credence and lastly, endearment. Appreciation is the approval of what you currently have, instead of eying the objects of the others, such as your physical aesthetics, or the state of your relationships and responsibilities. Secondly, the acceptance of these possessions, together with their flaws and potency, is important because it reflects your coming in terms with yourself, which in turn will lead to your love for yourself. The terminal of this form of intimacy is respect that directs to confidence. These three values will surely heighten your trust in yourself. These will allow you to plug your ears from the unheeded advices of the fiend and give you enough courage to take the risk to be worthy; to own the emotion that shouts “I’M GOOD ENOUGH” its confidence in its finesse and grandiose resplendence. The insecurities are not real: they’re just fantastical conception derived from lack of self – esteem.

Be proud of who you are. Just remember this: you are amazing in your own unique way.

by Aengela Brosula


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  1. Eriz mitra

    I am so proud of you my daughter.

  2. alona basio

    very inspiring..keep it up!


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