Brand new AirPods?

by Gaby Lops, Sarah Brunskill, and Kate Zu

Did you hear that? Probably not, because these new AirPods are noise-cancelling. Many students throughout the school have AirPods, but now there is a new type of AirPods called the AirPod Pro. Recently, Apple just released AirPod Pros, which have brand new features and a brand new appearance. The headphones have caught some attention, both good and bad. 

These new headphones have silicone on the outside and noise-canceling technology. This feature has created a desire for these new headphones. Freshman Camm Dalton said, “I like that they are smaller and I love that they are noise-cancelling.” Though the quality of these headphones increased, the price has too. Sophomore Kate Zu said, “I would buy the AirPods and I like that they are noise cancelling and high quality, but I would not buy them because it is easy to lose and expensive.”

The price of these headphones has increased to $249 dollars, when the original AirPods held a price at $199, taking a large expense out of your back pocket. Some students feel it’s not worth paying that much for a pair of headphones. Sophomore Sam Fitzpatrick said, “I think that AirPods are super unrealistic to buy when you can get a pair or regular headphones for $30.” And freshman, Gianna Burgess said, “They are just too expensive.” Clearly, the cost of these AirPods have been forcing students like Sam and Gianna to consider if they really want them or if they would rather spend the money on other purchases.

The price of these AirPods isn’t the only reason students aren’t thrilled with the AirPod Pro. Many students don’t like the design of the headphones and think they look weird. Freshman Laura Dickie said that they were ugly and, “I don’t like the silicone outside.” Fellow freshman Katie Stevens said, “They don’t look appealing in the way it looks, but otherwise they are pretty nice.” The design with the silicone outside and the headphones being smaller in general has made the dislike for these headphones more common. Whether it’s the design or the price, it doesn’t matter for some because they already have the original AirPods. 

Some say they like the way the old AirPods look and work and don’t really want the Pros. Senior Cassie Wagner said, “I already have AirPods,” along with Freshman, Sabrina Burker who said, “I already have a pair and I don’t like the new design.” Many who own their AirPods decide that it’s not worth it to get the Pros when they already have the original. Many students already have AirPods and feel it’s not really worth it. 

When buying the AirPod Pros many consider the factors, whether they want the quality or the appearance. 

If sound quality is an important necessity for your music experience, then you might want to consider buying the Pros. The silicone tips on the Pros help block out the outside sound and hold the headphones comfortably in your ears. Some say that it’s worth it because of all of the newest features that the Pros come with, but for others, it exceeds their price limit. If you are happy with the original AirPods you might not feel the need to get the Pros. Maybe some would consider buying the Pros if the price tag just wasn’t so high or if they looked different. 

Only 1 of the 27 people surveyed (3%) of the students said that they would buy the AirPod Pros. Many disliked the way the Pros looked and said the price was just a little too much, making it less likely that we will see many new AirPods around school. But you never know, next time Apple comes out with a new type of headphones you’ll hear about it and maybe you might buy it.

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