US cheese tariffs incite domestic stockpiling

Photo: NewsMax

US importers are now stockpiling cheese as new tariffs by the Trump administration on cheese from the European Union are starting to take effect. The Trump administration has placed a 25% tariff on cheese coming in from the European Union.  Sanctions were placed on cheese products as a response to tariffs on American goods placed by the European Union.

American importers stockpiling cheese will help protect American consumers from price hikes on cheese for some period of time. The American cheese industry could see a boost in sales once the effects of Trump’s tariff start to be seen. Stockpiling cheese would be a temporary measure as both the United States and the European Union have stated that they would be open to trade negotiations.   

The stockpiling of European cheeses is the result of the actions of an administration supposedly trying to fight for better trade deals. The Trump administration has showed that it is not afraid to levy tariffs on countries regardless of their relationship with the United States.  The stockpiling of cheese is a temporary solution to the actions of an administration that is willing to levy high tariffs as a means to achieve its goals.  

If it were not for the stockpiling of European cheeses, many of those cheeses would not be on supermarket shelves. The price hike would mean that European cheeses would be unaffordable for many people. This would be a tariff that directly influences the American consumer, and it is something that they can see the effects of the next time they head to Wegmans or Tops to buy their groceries. No, it’s not a weapons stockpile this time-it’s a provolone cheese stockpile.

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