iPhone 11: Most value for your money?

If you are already part of the iOS ecosystem and you want to get an upgrade, the bottom line of this review is this: you should get an iPhone 11. The rest of this article will get into the reasons why. 

The iPhone 11 is already seen by many critics as an excellent phone with amazing battery life and a price drop of $50 from previous year’s iPhone XR ($749). This phone does not have all of the bleeding edge technology that is found on the iPhone 11 Pro, but it manages to cut close to the chase and also would save you a $300-sized hole in your wallet. Starting off with the display, the iPhone 11 has a 6.1 inch 720p LCD that is almost identical to last year’s XR. From the front, the phone looks exactly like an iPhone XR, but the back looks fairly different, which leads us to the upgraded cameras. The camera bump is now milled directly into the glass body and sports two separate cameras that support ultra wide lens, allowing for a greater viewing angle from a vantage point. Battery life has been juiced up only by an hour, as compared to the iPhone XR, which for most if not all people, should be enough to last an entire day. This new phone also ships with the A13 Bionic chip, with should be able to give you an edge over other phones like the iPhone X and below (the difference in speed is unnoticeable from the 10 and up). These are the things that people care about the most and what really matters in a smartphone. I believe that the iPhone 11 has nailed these areas and is therefore a great buy.

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