Flying Gorilla Review

Never before has mankind seen a better source of entertainment than the mobile app, Flying Gorilla. The app was made by Japanese developers, Pinbit, and released on the iOS and Android platforms. As of August 8, 2019, the app unbelievably had a 5.0 out of 5-star rating on the Apple App Store, even with 4,174 ratings. Scrolling through the reviews on the app store page, one can view many comments about how Flying Gorilla changed its players’ lives and just how high quality this game is. But in order to get an idea of just how good this game is, I downloaded it onto my Android phone. 

The first thing I saw upon opening the app was a very detailed image of a gorilla peacefully chewing on a piece of grass.

Said gorilla chewing grass.

I instinctively recoiled in amazement at how terribly great this image was. The developer clearly spent a good amount of time just choosing the perfect image to use. This picture perfectly portrays the daily life of an average gorilla, which eats varied plants by using its teeth to break them down. 

After the image went away (to my despair), I was presented with an alert telling me that I had installed the app and therefore received 3000 complementary coins (thank you!) and a menu screen. Very simple, yet eye-catching, nonetheless. The background depicted a gorilla beating its chest while a flying chicken and pig rested nearby. Since there was no other option, I pressed the button labeled “1”.

The alert and the menu screen.

A yellow screen appeared showing me the rules. I read them and pressed the red play button. This initiated the gameplay.

I took one look at the screen and was instantly blown away by the sheer quality of the graphics. They, in my opinion, surpass even the graphics of the latest 3D games like GTA V. The next thing I noticed was the very good sprite choice. The gorilla appeared to really be flying; its arms were outstretched and it was steadily going forward while hovering over a very colorful river. The controls were very responsive and did not hesitate at all when I dragged my finger across the screen to rotate the gorilla left and right.

Look at how much I won!

When I finished deftly dodging the obstacles presented to me in the level, a “spin” wheel popped up. I pressed the wheel twice to claim my prize, which was a whopping 2G. I felt very thankful that the developer gave me the chance to win G (the game’s currency) for free.

After playing a few more levels (137), I decided to check out the other things this great application has to offer. There is, inevitably, an infinite mode, where you can even compete with the top professional Flying Gorilla players in the world! I also discovered a sort of bingo machine which dispenses colored balls. Each ball has a different meaning associated with it – blue balls increase the value of your coin, while green ones increase your chances of getting colored balls and so on. Through this machine, I obtained golden eggs, which I found you can trade for skins. This was great news for me as I was getting tired of seeing the same old gorilla sprite in the game (not that it was bad or anything). I eventually obtained all of the available skins.

Look at the variety!

All in all, this game is extremely high quality. The gameplay is terrific, the bingo minigame is also top tier fun, the storyline is immersive, and the skins are very intriguing. I want to see this app reach #1 on both the Play Store and the App Store.

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