Fashion on Paradise

Hey East, welcome back to school! And welcome to a new addition to the East Side News: Fashion on Paradise! This fashion column, named because East is on Paradise Road, and because my last name is Paradise, will look into the deeper meaning of fashion, rather than discussing this season’s trends or what not to wear. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

We are officially back into the swing of school, which means less time doing the things we love, and more time doing the things we might not like as much. It also means less time we’re able to work and get money. So now we’re trying to dress to keep up with the trends, or our own personal vision of fashion, with way less of a budget. So how do you dress to impress without breaking the bank?

First, let’s start with where to shop. Most people our age would run to Forever 21 to fulfill their shopping needs, as it is inexpensive, and has lots of options. However, you get what you pay for. The reason the price of items is so low is because they are cheaply made with low quality fabrics. Also, since it is a trendy store, items may go out of style before you can wear them more than once or twice. You will cycle through the products faster and will end up spending more. Instead, try shopping at H&M, as their products are of much better quality, while still being fairly priced.

Next, think about what your closet can use while shopping. If you’re looking for something specific while out, try to only buy that item instead of impulse buying things you may not need. Go through your cart before checking out and think to yourself, “Do I really need this? Don’t I already have something like this? How much wear can I really get out of this?” If you find yourself questioning how much you like a piece, then it’s not for you. Avoid buying those random items you just sort of like, and instead, save up for items you fall in love with or could really use in your wardrobe.

Think about the cost of items when shopping, too. Sure, this shirt might only be five dollars. But if you use that excuse ten times, haven’t you just spent fifty dollars on items you may not really want? The money adds up! And there’s a difference between being blown away by how inexpensive an item that you really want is verses just throwing something into your cart because it’s cheap. 

If you are, however, looking to go on a large inexpensive shopping spree to fill some holes in your closet, then check out those second hand shops! Stores and sites like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Depop, Plato’s Closet, and Second Chic are all great places to spend a lot to get a lot. Plus, buying second hand is so great for the environment!

Don’t be afraid to check out those discount stores, either. The price cuts at TJ Maxx and Marshalls can sometimes be too big to believe! They often have a large assortment from many different brands, so it’s a great way to explore other companies that you may have never thought to purchase from. Check out Target while you’re at it, too! Over the past few years, they’ve really worked on making an inclusive and fashionable selection to choose from at their stores. It’s always great to support inclusivity! 

Finally, look out for those sales! Big sales normally happen around holidays and long weekends, as companies know people will have the time to shop. This way, you can buy more without having as much remorse. Save up for these dates so you can be prepared to shop! The less often you shop, the more you will have in your pocket to spend on those big shopping excursions. RIP my wallet during long weekends.

So that’s it! It’s easier than ever to serve looks on a low budget now with so many different means of buying clothes. And although your budget may be lacking as of lately, your fashion sense doesn’t have to!

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