Carry the Torch: May

By Mrs. Zgoda

Receiving the torch was an amazing honor, and again I am grateful for being recognized, and appreciate all of the kind words many of you shared with me throughout the month.  It has truly been a humbling experience.

Passing the torch is extremely difficult, as I work with so many incredible colleagues that regularly involve themselves in actions that strengthen our school community.

I would like to pass the torch to a colleague that has a positive impact on so many of us through consistent efficiency, thoughtfulness, positive energy, and great communication. She is kind, generous, loyal and is clearly committed to the good of the group.

I am lucky to have her as a colleague, as she has brightened my day on so many occasions with her smile and humor. Her commitment and dedication to athletics and our school has had an immeasurable and overwhelming impact. Her efforts have helped countless students and athletes to share in so many unforgettable moments with their friends and families. I am grateful to share my work day with her, and it is with great enthusiasm that I have chosen to pass the torch to…… Mrs.  Faracca!

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