Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club: Picturing the Future
Kat Solomon

Ever see a quote in the yearbook and it’s not from you? Join yearbook so you can write your own and know it’s real!
Mrs. Kramer, the advisor of Yearbook Club, can often be seen walking around school looking for the perfect photo-ops that can be showcased in your very own yearbook. The club work is becoming more hectic as time starts to become more limited, and that’s why they need help. And the good news is that anybody can still become involved! Mrs. Kramer is still searching for club pictures and “inserting a few pictures here and there” on a few of the remaining pages. If you are interested in becoming involved, see Mrs. Kramer in room 223 before mid-March. You can only help out during this short time, because April 1st is the deadline for all pages to be completed. Things that can be done include helping take pictures for clubs, writing the informational blurbs for academic pages, and simply inserting pictures onto the pages and writing captions.
Saloni Chadha, an active member of the club for three years now, said, “Whether you take the Yearbook class or are in the club, it’s a great way to make a lasting impact on your school.”
Yearbook orders must be placed before March 15th at the website The access school code is 14558. And on distribution day if you were unable to order one online, they will be sold in limited numbers, so plan accordingly. Distribution day varies from year to year, but is within the last week of school.

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