Gail Dahlman Carries the Torch

It’s time to pass the Torch!
Many thanks to Megan Schapp who passed me the torch in February. Coming from Megan, it was made even more special.

I knew the minute I received the torch where it was going next, not very far actually.
I believe the Torch is meant to go to someone who supports our students, staff and faculty by providing encouragement and support but also as a co-worker who shares their expertise, inspires and are just fun to be around.
I feel the epitome of the Torch is embodied in Gail Dahlman.

I have personally witnessed Gail organizing at least 4 different events to raise funds for the Jeffrey Dahlman Memorial Scholarship, in memory of her son Jeffrey.
The time, effort and work involved exhausted me and energized Gail.
When creating the scholarship she consulted me as to the type of scholarship it should be. I had so many suggestions that she consolidated them into the Jeffery Dahlman Perseverance Scholarship. Jeffrey also loved to cook so she recognized that with a Culinary Arts Scholarship as well.
Gail efforts has resulted (by this May) in over $40,000 given to district and Kenmore students.
So when it comes to supporting our students she’s got that covered!
So with great fanfare, confetti and cheers, I bestow the Torch to Gail Dahlman!

Jeanne Hallock
Career Center Aide

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